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Tube Cutting

Our state of the art TCC-25 CNC tube cutter, is the most flexible and dynamic machine, the tube cutting industry has to offer. It has the capability to cut anywhere between 2000-5000 pcs an hour depending on the length, within .005"/ 0.1mm length tolerance.

Tube Bending
FineLine utilizes two forms of tube bending :

1) CNC tube bending
Our Eaton Leonard VR12 puts us at the forefront of CNC tube bending technology. This machine has multi radii bending capability, enabling it to bend the most complex tube configurations.

It has been specifically built, for the automotive and aircraft industries. This gives FineLine the ability to quickly bring a myriad of new part numbers to various markets.

2) Dedicated Power Bending

We use this type of tube bending on our higher volume production units. This machine will only bend tubes they were designed and built to bend. They are very fast, and can bend hundreds of tubes an hour. This type of production allows us to lower production costs on our more popular part numbers.

Tube & Component Inspection

We use a Coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This CMM gives the ability to measure the XYZ axis of any tube or object, within .00027" tolerance. This ensures that when we check tubes, or related components, we are well beyond industry standards.

CAD Software

We utilize SolidWorks, the standard in 3D mechanical design software, SolidWorks offers unmatched 2D and 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use. We use this to build CAD units for testing the unit design; as well we design our own jigs and fixtures for assembly of the units.

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